VT 2017

1.Don´t let the sun go down

2.Femme like you

3.Mind won´t stop

4.Main attraction

5.Heaven on earth

6.It´s gotta be you

7.Water under the bridge

8.Chase that dollar

9.Bombay bhangra

10.Plastic pretty

11.Shake That

12. Thumbs up

13.Burning passion

14. Shape of you

15. Life on the line

16. Doin what I like

17. My vibe

18.Saved my soul



21.Lady in red

HT 2016

1. Pieces

2. Kiss the sky

3. The wild life

4. Harden up princess

5. Wish I was

6. So just dance dance dance

7. Corazon Diamante

8. Rockin´rebel

9. Running out of time

10. Girls like

11. Maybe tomorrow

12. The fighter

13. Take me to river

14. Why I love you

15. Human after all

16. Crash

17. My middle name

18. Handclap

19.So into you

20.Way down we go

21. Like there´s no yesterday

VT 2016

1. From the other side

2.Lay it all on me

3.Ain´t misbehavin´

4. Black & blue

5. Don´t make me suffer

6. Hands of love

7. Time after Time

8. Save the day

9. Cake by the ocean; se video på vår facebooksida.

10. Give it to you

11. About feelings

12. Mr Put it Down

13. Lover come back

HT 2015

1. Silver Lining

2. Slam goes the door

3. Tough love

4. Pop´n drop

5. Ivory Towers

6. Better box it up

7. Witness

8. Extreme love

9. Flashlight

10.Dirty Work

11.Tuesday blues


13.Should´ve gone home

14.Try me

15.No sunshine


VT 2015

1. Pull the trigger

2. Beneath it all

3. Run away with you

4. A thousand miles

5. We could be giants

6.Nothing compares

7.Chicago bonfire

8.Hunt you down

9.Love me like you do

10.Body goes boom


12 Sugar rush

13.Darling hold my hand

14.Take me to church

15.Thinking different

16. Louder

17. Girl Crush

HT 2014

1. Brave                   

2. Marry that girl  

3. Everything will change

4. Do it

5. Down to the river

6. Cotton time

7. Ghost

8. Say Geronimo

9.Just let it go


11. Eternal Secret

12.Not through loving you


14.Get my name


16.You´ll be okay

17.Let there be love

 VT 2014

1.Wrong side slide


3.Fly High

4.We remain

5.The Tango project

6.New York 2 LA

7.Counting Stars

8.Post Code Envy

9.Walk alone

10.Never should have

11.A Little bit gypsy

12. Man in the mirror

13.Nitty gritty

14. Backwards

15. Let her down easy (Neville&Julie)

16. Keep it groovin